Back in the USA

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Full Episodes
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Came back to the States for an interview with ABC Nightline News and to pick up some gear. -8 degrees in NYC made us think back to cold nights in Mongolia.

The Nightline piece should air sometime the last week of January, but now it is back to the bush for us.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. We will need them more than ever as we set off for the Amazon this week. Many Blessings.

  1. Erik Judson says:

    Just watched your interview with the Nightline guy, bravo! The Lord is proud of you and has His Majestic hand on you!!

    Keep inspiring the brethren!!!

  2. Bev Souvaris says:

    Hey Tim, Will – see you were in my city!!! Looking at Times Square gave me itchy feet again. Had an OM from NYC here this weekend and we talked long hours into the night. You heading our way this time (at the end of this expedition)?

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