June 2011 Newsletter

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

Update: Greetings in the Lord. In the last month we have finished post-production of a new four part series called, “The Source.” The Source is an in depth look into the war on drugs and documents the battle from the frontlines. One of the main purposes of the documentation was to show that the drug war is real and effects us all, and that those involved in it aren’t too far from hearing the gospel. When we first imagined traveling to South America, we thought to ourselves, what would happen if the light of Christ were preached to those who traffic and create drugs? Would they listen? Would they receive the message? Well, these questions and much more are answered in the series, and we encourage each of you to tune in to TBN every Saturday night at 8:30 PM to see what happens. Additionally, this month we have also departed for our 5th major gospel expedition that will take us to many dangerous areas around the world and also to some of the most remote and unreached peoples on earth. We have many missions already planned, and we will be sending regular updates so you can pray and share in the journeys. Future Missions include: (Chernobyl returnees, Bosnia, Irian Jaya, Vanuatu, Ukraine, Namibia, and many more). We know and believe that God will do mighty works and that doors of ministry will be opened through your prayers.

Monthly Message: This month, as we are now back on the road, it got us thinking about the possession we carry in life. Physical possessions have a sneaky way of possessing people. Meaning, the things that are meant to serve us actually end up being served by us. It is a roll reversal that shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with owning things, we aren’t speaking this message to condemn anyone, but instead to simply point out that with the accumulation of many possessions, much effort and hardships follow. How many times have you ventured into your garage or crawl space and viewed the many items no longer deemed valuable enough to warrant their presence in your daily life…but still important enough to keep. We are all guilt of this syndrome. It is called pack ratting. Why do we do it? Well, at some level we hold onto physical thing in this life because it has a memory or pleasant emotion attached to it. Or we attach a value to it that is yet unrealized in our life and therefore we are not yet ready to depart with it. Since we cannot part with it, we end up giving it space, time and effort to protect it, and thus, we are possessed by it. If this is true for the things that are old and out of sight, how much more power do the possessions that have prominence in our lives have over us? Scary thought, isn’t it.

However, there is one thing in life you should pack rat, and that is the memories of a life fully lived. These are of the most value when compared to temporal possessions!
Do you remember more the moment you first lead a person to the Lord, or the new plasma you bought from Best Buy? Do you remember more the wonderful talk you had with your son or daughter this last Christmas, or the new BMW you purchased at zero interest down? We all know the answer to these questions. Memories of a life lived well are of more value than any earthly possession!
If you want freedom in your life, break from whatever might possess you. It might take baby steps at first, but try it, and you will be liberated. Strive to accumulate epic memories and testimonies that will stay with you forever, and live an extraordinary life for Him. We enter this world with nothing, and we will exit the same way. Choose what is most important to you.

This isa special message to us, because there is no more of a liberating time in our lives, personally, than getting all of our possessions into a backpack and heading into the world to preach the gospel. So many have asked us how we can do it, but for us, we have tasted both worlds and desire nothing more than to be free in HIM.


As we are now on the road once again, we will need your prayers and support so we can continue to reach those in the most distant places on earth and encourage a new generation to run toward the eternal things. Your support is the only means by which we continue this ministry, and we need your support more than ever. Please consider becoming a partner of Travel the Road through a one-time or monthly gift, and together we can bring the gospel to all mankind. Peace be with you!

In Him,

Tim and Will

Travel the Road
PO Box 3330
Monument, CO 80132

  1. Emily says:

    It’s great to read this update! My family owns “Travel the Road,” the first season, and your journeys have especially meant a lot to me as God called me into missions & anti-human trafficking. I’m headed to the Philippines for 2 years & find your experiences to be an encouragement! Thank you for sharing; I’m praying for you guys!

  2. Dear Will and Tim
    May the Lord protect you and Keep you safe on you next Trip,.
    Also you guys are going to IRAN., That is Choice. Are you going in with the NAVY S.E.A.L.S. ? that would be a Missions Trip I would Love to go on. Thumbs up all the way 🙂 thanks for the emails please keep them coming.
    also when you are in Iran sing the Songs of Moses wile you are in Iran.
    Keep your Oil Lamps Full, and remember the best is yet to come.

    With Love from above incorruptible.
    Troy/ SouLReactivatoR

  3. Jodie Humphrey says:

    Hey Tim and Will,

    You have been such a blessing to me and my parents and siblings. When I feel especially discouraged or overwhelmed by this world, I watch one of your shows and all of my problems are put in proper perspective. More than anything, I want to follow God to my utmost ability and live a life that I won’t regret. I don’t know exactly what that will look like, but I do know that I won’t be satisfied to live a self-centered, possession-grabbing life. You influenced me so much to take risks, to be willing to give up everything and to travel the road.



  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for your faith and willingness to serve God. You are such an inspiration. All is possible with God. With Him as your focus, you can move mountains. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. I can not express all that it means. Blessings!

  5. sandra defreitas says:

    hi tim and will
    Thank you so much the wonderful work you doing for the master, there many crown awaits
    you in heaven. God has great award for you both. Some of the remote places you guys
    venture out to, sattellite TV cannot go there so thanks so much. I will support this great ministry

    sandy defreitas

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