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May Newsletter

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ushuaia: Lowest city on earth! The Gospel has no bounds. Made contact with local believers. Praise God, His Word is going everywhere!

A quick stop in Uruguay to get contacts for future.


Arrived at Atlantic Ocean via dunes after long Amazon journey.

These mighty falls are the dividing line between Argentina and Brazil.  The area around the falls was once controlled by Guarani indians whom the Jesuits ministered to beginning in 1609.  Watch movie The Mission to see events of jesuits in area.

Crossed border into Argentina after a look around the falls.

In our long journey down the Amazon evenings like this are special moments to reflect on all the lord has done.

Once again on our journey along the Amazon food must be hunted. This Croc we caught alive, so we shut the snout with a rope. Just before this video was taken the massive reptile lashed at me (Tim). This area of Brazil has been a blessing to travel as there is such a movement for the Holy Spirit.  We also came across an Assemblies of God in Tefe that was building a new church the size of a small stadium. The shocking thing is Tefe is only 80,000 in population. This must mean a large percentage of people attend regularly. Praise God!

The croc was cooked later in the day and fed 15 people. We were on river for 4 days at this point. No showers, hot sun, but good food. Praise God!