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Explosives set, and safely from the LZ we blow the lab. Blackhawk descends to extract team.

From the air you can see the magnitude of blast. Also near end of video you can see the second team blackhawk circling below. Mission was successful and all members back safe. Three days before this operation, three eradicators team members were killed on a mission we were supposed to be on.


This lab was sophisticated and one of the top production centers in area.

Inserting into this area is dangerous. Lots of farc elements and Venezuela border.

About to board the blackhawk Heliocopter with the Jungle comandos to do a raid on a drug lab.

Burned 2 labs now loading back on Blackhawk. Wash from blades so strong nearly knocked us over.

Mission accomplished. Everyone safe. This operation occured near the border of Ecuador and Colombia.